Traditional manufacturers of roller dies, rollers for thread-rolling heads, flat and planetary dies, thread chasers, adjustable hand reamers, fasteners and so on.
Modern CNC machines for precision engineering
Roller Dies
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We are manufacturing special types of thread-rolling dies and

all types of tools for fastener production. 



Success of NAREX ROLL in the Czech Top 100 of 2023

We are proud and delighted to announce that our company, NAREX ROLL, and a key team member, Mr. Radim Garlík, have been recognized among the Czech Top 100 for the year 2023 in the field of engineering. This award marks a significant milestone in our history and reflects our continuous effort towards innovation and excellence.

The Czech Top 100 competition, organized by Comenius since 1996, is a prestigious event that annually honors significant figures in Czech industry and business. The selection of laureates is based on a meticulous evaluation of their professional knowledge, innovation potential, and contribution to the development of their field.

For NAREX ROLL and Mr. Radim Garlík, this award is not only a confirmation of our leadership position in the engineering sector but also an inspiration for our future work and development. We are grateful for this recognition and thank all our employees, clients, and partners for their support and collaboration, which enabled us to achieve this significant success.

More information about the competition and the results can be found on the webu Českých 100 Nejlepších.



Highlights from the Czech Top 100 Recording.

In 1944, Dr. Ing. Bleckmann moved production from Vienna to Zdice (Czech Republic) under the name Bleckmann.

During the time, the name was changed from Bleckmann to ZONE, NAREX Zdice to the current name NAREX ROLL.

Despite hard competition, NAREX ROLL ranks among the leading manufacturers on the market and exports its products to more than 40 countries worldwide.




We warmly welcome you in our company NAREX ROLL


Flexibility, stability and clear customer orientation have been a guarantee since 1944 in the production of our products and individual orders. Innovation, based on tradition, deals with all 30 collaborators with personal engagement and know-how.

Our high share of production:

  • roller dies,
  • rollers for thread heads,
  • flat and planetary dies, thread chasers,
  • adjustable hand reamers,

but also the ability to integrate other technologies into our concepts, move us to a position where we are able (whether it is development or individual production) fulfill any wishes of our domestic and foreign customers.

These products are delivered to businesses in many European and non-European countries.

We also have our own facilities in Spain and also in Hong Kong, see Contacts. We cooperate with our business partners in the world too.

Find out more about our products and choose one of the categories in our Catalog menu.




  • from the prototype to the serial productrion
  • production of own products
  • custom production


  • test and experimental standards
  • certification by independent organizations
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • czech MADE


  • complex services from A to Z
  • tool regrinding service
  • measuring profiles
  • an overview of the production / service process


  • standard and individual solutions
  • unique technology
  • strong professional team

Exclusive representation

Our company has obtained

exclusive representation for

sale of thread rolling machines

GOM a Govama.

FANUC Robocut alfa-C400iA

We bought a wire cutter

FANUC Robocut alfa-C400iA.

High performance CNC machine in terms of

accuracy and productivity for our customers.

Research Center

We have expanded

research and development

center to develop tools to

cold forming.

We hire

We hire employees into

the production, we prefer trained in

our specialization or with experience

in metalworking. Phone 311 653 823.

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Our customers


NAREX ROLL s.r.o. started its production of threading tools in 1944, when it was transferred from Vienna by a Dr. Ing Bleckmann’s company. The company was specialized in manufacturing of threading tools and these products have been the main article since then. Our products are sold in the Czech Republic and European countries and worldwide.

During the time we have extended our product portfolio of thread rolling tools to adjustable hand reamers. We also cooperate with our partners. The continual efforts in the area of increasing quality were awarded by the achieving of ISO 9001 certificates for quality control in 2004, 2016.

Currently the company is carrying out the gradual renewal of the machinery. The innovation of the customer information system and other enhancements are also on schedule.


NAREX ROLL has the following production program:

  • Thread-rolling Dies
  • Rollers for Thread-rolling heads
  • Flat and planetary dies, thread chasers
  • Adjustable hand reamers
  • and more.


We produce thread rolling tools of all kinds of threads according to customer requirements. We also produce tools based by special requests and dimensions according to the customer's wishes.