Narex Zdice s.r.o. started its production of threading tools in 1944, when it was transferred from Vienna by a Dr. Ing Bleckmann’s company. The company was specialized in manufacturing of threading tools and these products have been the main article ever since. Threading tools are sold in the Czech Republic but they are distributed to many European countries and worldwide.


The running of the company has undergone many changes, which made it possible to employ more people. In 1968, the range of products was widened to include adjustable reamers.


Over the years the name of the company was several times changed, from Dr. Ing. Bleckmann, TOS, ZONA and Nářadí to the current brand Narex Zdice, s.r.o. After 1993 it subjected to the property restitution law and was therefore returned to the original owner. For the following two years the production was carried on according to the lease contract, after it was moved into a former limekiln building.

The continual efforts in the area of increasing quality were awarded by the achieving of ISO 9001 certificates for quality control in 2004.

Currently the company is carrying out the gradual renewal of the machinery. The innovation of the customer information system and other enhancements are also on schedule.

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