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Roller Dies
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Roller dies are a leading product of our manufacturing program.

We produce all types of standard threads (M, UN, Tr, BSW, G, ACME) but we naturally also manufacture tools according to drawings for rolling single and multiple threads and modules.


  • Metric (M)
  • Whitworth (W)
  • Trapezoidal (Tr)
  • Unified (UNC, UNF)
  • Roud (Rd)
  • Others

The dimension range is very large. Individual designs depend on a number of factors - the rolling equipment used, rolling method, type, dimension and length of the thread to be rolled. Each set of tools is carefully checked as far as material stability and heat treatment is concerned, and in particular the required tool dimensions.

The dimension range is very large. Individual designs depend on a number of factors:

  • The rolling equipment usedpoužitý válcovací stroj
  • rolling method
  • type
  • dimension and length of the thread to be rolled 

We also offer renovation of used roller dies, which can significantly reduce operating costs of the rolling process. 

We are able to offer you a renovation of roller dies too. 

At the present we can offer you the through-feed rollers with width up to 200mm.


We would like to prepare price offer as fast as possible. Please write in the inquire:

  • Inside diameter of roller dies (in drawing d)
  • Maximal outside diameter of roller dies (in drawing D)
  • Length of the roller dies (in drawing L)
  • Thread (type and size, for exampel M8x1)
  • Material of your products or material of roller dies
  • Potential addition requirements

If you are interested in cooperation in production of roller dies, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..







  • from the prototype to the serial productrion
  • production of own products
  • custom production


  • test and experimental standards
  • certification by independent organizations
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • czech MADE


  • complex services from A to Z
  • tool regrinding service
  • measuring profiles
  • an overview of the production / service process


  • standard and individual solutions
  • unique technology
  • strong professional team
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