Roller Dies

Roller dies are a leading product of our manufacturing program.

We produce all types of standard threads (M, UN, Tr, BSW, G, ACME) but we naturally also manufacture tools according to drawings for rolling single and multiple threads and modules.

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Rolling machines

Our company offer consultation in selection of right rolling machine from training to sell.

We offer high-tech machines with advanced control and control mechanisms that are shipped around the world, including Western Europe and the United States.

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Tangential Chasers

Tangential chasers are used to cutting of threads with tangential thread cutting heads.

It is made from high-speed steel, set contains 4 peaces of chasers. Production according to delivered sample or drawing.

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Radial dies

Radial chasers are used for cutting thread M, G, UNC.

It is made from high-speed steel . There are 3 types of cutting heads: III, IV and V.

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Rollers for thread rolling heads

Rollers for thread rolling heads are used for the production of threads or modules by cold forming.

The design of thread rollers corresponds to the rolling process. For infeed rolling, a pair of rollers is usually used. In throughfeed (axial) thread rolling, three rollers are usually in the set and each set is supplied as a whole.

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Segmented planetary rolling dies

Thread rolling machines with segmented dies are the most productive machines for the manufacture of screws and nails. The thread is produced by rolling the workpiece between a rotary cylinder and a fixed segment. The set is formed by a cylinder plus one to four segments, the number of which depends on the machine for which the set is intended.

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Flat Dies

We manufacture flat rolling dies with standard thread profiles, as well as flat dies for the manufacture of nails with convex profiles. The dimensions of the die depend on the machine for which the die is intended.

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