Quality department is one of the most importent part of our production. It guarantee our customers reliability and high quality standard of our products. 

NAREX ROLL s.r.o. use quality management system, that accords to specification ČSN EN ISO 9001:2009. 

There is an intern audit in our production program., that manage documents, records, protocols and rating of our suppliers. We have full controlled production process from our quotation to delivery to customer.


The quality department often measures and checks our production. It also calibrates and checs measure tools. We have well educated workers and use many measure tools. 

We also use metrolog, that is used to calibrate and official verificates measure tools, that stores history and calibration protocols. 


We use these measures and monitoring to guarantee conformity production of thread tools and services.

  • measures and monitore of input materials
  • measures and monitore of our own productsand services
  • measures and monitore of production process

Company do regularely intern audits, self rates, customer care checks.



  • from the prototype to the serial productrion
  • production of own products
  • custom production


  • test and experimental standards
  • certification by independent organizations
  • ISO 9001: 2008
  • czech MADE


  • complex services from A to Z
  • tool regrinding service
  • measuring profiles
  • an overview of the production / service process


  • standard and individual solutions
  • unique technology
  • strong professional team

Our customers